June 30, 2016: Laveranda Bed And Breakfast is closing our inn after 20 years of being in the St. Petersburg Florida community. The website will stay active until the end of 2016 as a thank you to all of our wonderful guests we have enjoyed meeting over the years.

Exceptional people, outstanding service

A couple of weeks ago my husband and children and I stayed there and were absolutely shocked at the quality of service we received from them. We NEVER stay in hotels when we travel we ALWAYS stay in B&B's. Perfect for families, very accommodating, super clean, ultra quiet, incredible value.
I saw that someone had the nerve to call the owner a "grouchy old lady", I think that people should take a better look at people before making such declarations. The owner does have an assertive personality, and can come across as forceful, but this should not be mistaken as "old & grouchy", she is actually very intelligent and WARM once you take the time to talk to her. She actually reminds me a lot of my mother who was often mistaken as being abrasive, when in fact she was kinds, warm, and generous. ~jnskitten04